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Brikbag PINK Spot Print

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Thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World, you now have the best of both worlds - a place where you can easily play with all of your favourite little LEGO® bits and pieces and a place to store them when you're done! This gorgeous Brikbag PINK Spot Print is a 140cm diameter, 100% durable cotton bag with a convenient pull cord. It's packaged in a re-usable, calico, drawstring bag OR box and can easily be (cold) washed in your washing machine whenever you want. Everything stays in place for the next time you're ready to play, guaranteed!

  • 140cm diameter
  • 100% durable cotton
  • Blue denim - pink trim - pink pull cord 
  • Pink Spot Print on exterior of bag
  • Cold machine wash
  • Packaged in a re-usable, calico, drawstring bag OR Box.

Cleaning up is as easy as pulling the cord!

Everything stays in the brikbag ready for the next time you play.

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