If you're looking for incredible savings on popular LEGO® play sets that you just won't be able to find anywhere else, you've come to the right place. Bricks to the World regularly offer deep discounts on all of the most popular LEGO® play sets that are available on the market today. Your children can have an unparalleled level of fun with the LEGO® Boulder Bowling package. They can help King Crominus escape his terrifying cave prison and battle the forces of evil whenever they'd like!

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LEGO Battle on Takodana™
The heroes of the Resistance are under attack on the planet Takodana! Defeat Kylo Ren at the ..
$89.95 $62.95
Ex Tax: $57.23
LEGO Darth Vader™ Star Wars
Feel the power of the dark side with Darth Vader™! Unlock the full power of the Dark Side of..
$49.95 $42.95
Ex Tax: $39.05
LEGO Eris’ Fire Eagle Flyer
Enter fire CHI power mode and soar away with Eris’ awesome Fire Eagle Flyer! Lagravis has bee..
$49.95 $37.46
Ex Tax: $34.06
LEGO Fire Boat - 60109
The lighthouse is on fire! Save the lighthouse and rescue the keeper with the Fire Boat! Rus..
$109.95 $79.95
Ex Tax: $72.68
LEGO Fire Response Unit
Race to the scene where a worker calls for help! Call the Fire Response Unit for help! Zoom i..
$59.95 $44.96
Ex Tax: $40.88
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2013
Count down to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends! Thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World..
$49.95 $39.96
Ex Tax: $36.33
Create and command robots that do what you want with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3! If you're lookin..
$499.95 $448.50
Ex Tax: $407.73
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LEGO Misfortune’s Keep
The evil Djinn Nadakhan and the crew of Misfortune’s Keep are threatening to destroy Ninjago. ..
$139.95 $118.96
Ex Tax: $108.14
LEGO Ninjago Battle Case
Where can you find the ultimate masters of Spinjitzu? In the LEGO® Ninjago Battle Case! This..
$34.95 $20.97
Ex Tax: $19.06
LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Recreate the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 RS with this authentic LEGO® Technic replica. Inside the ..
$499.95 $449.95
Ex Tax: $409.05
LEGO Resistance Troop Transporter
Lower the ramp and climb aboard the Resistance Troop Transporter. Battle the forces of the F..
$109.95 $76.95
Ex Tax: $69.95
LEGO Ronin R.E.X.
Take off for battle against the Ghost Ninja in Ronin’s awesome 2-in-1 R.E.X airship!   ..
$89.95 $62.96
Ex Tax: $57.24
LEGO Super Secret Police Dropship
Pursue Emmet and the Master Builders in the awesome Dropship! Lord Business’ Robo Police have..
$119.95 $104.95
Ex Tax: $95.41
LEGO Switching Tracks RC Trains
Change train direction! Add switching tracks to your train track layout and change direction ..
$29.95 $25.47
Ex Tax: $23.15
LEGO World Racers Blizzard’s Peak
The X-Treme Daredevils and Backyard Blasters race across the world’s frozen fringes! Tearing ..
$99.95 $79.96
Ex Tax: $72.69
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