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LEGO® Daisy's Beauty Salon 41140

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Daisy is Rapunzel's pet pup, and she's getting ready for a very special ball with all her Palace Pet friends!

Help Daisy get ready for the Palace Pets' ball! Help her relax in the golden shell bath and use all the shampoo bottles to pamper her. Then sit her down at the mirror to groom her with the brush and scissors. All Daisy needs now is some lipstick and a tiara—which one will she choose?

  • Includes Daisy, Rapunzel's pet puppy.
  • Daisy's Beauty Salon features a golden shell bath, turning mirror, accessories stand, stools, waiting area and cash register.
  • Pamper Daisy in the golden shell bath and at the turning mirror.
  • Choose hair accessories and tiara for your Palace Pets.
  • Accessory elements include a brush, scissors, 2 tiaras, 2 flowers, bow, lipstick, glittery perfume bottles, cup and a cookie.
  • Daisy's Beauty Salon measures over 9cm (3") high, 11cm (4") wide and 4cm (1")deep.
  • Mirror stand base plate can be combined with the 41142 Palace Pets Royal Castle for a unique Palace Pets play experience.


  • Item: 41140
  • Ages:5-12
  • Pieces:98

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