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LEGO® DUPLO® Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures 10876

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Assist Spider-Man and Hulk fight Sandman at Avengers HQ!

Little superheroes will love to create endless role-play adventures with this Marvel superhero toy, as Marvel’s Spider-Man and Hulk try to stop Sandman from stealing an important suitcase. Help young children develop fine motor skills as they build and rebuild Spider-Man's garage and Hulk's laboratory at Avengers HQ, then use the wrench to fix up the motorbike before Spider-Man speeds off to save the day! Includes 3 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: Spider-Man, Hulk and Sandman.

  • Includes 3 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: Spider-Man, Hulk and Sandman.
  • Features Spider-Man’s garage and motorbike, and Hulk’s laboratory.
  • Accessory elements include a wrench, briefcase, spade and a flexible spiderweb.
  • Fix Spider-Man’s motorbike in the garage while Hulk watches the radar in his lab.
  • Cast Spider-Man's web to help catch Sandman, and help Hulk smash through the sand bricks with his spade!
  • Help your child master basic construction skills with this easy-to-build Marvel superhero toy.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands.
  • Suitable for ages 2-5.
  • Spider-Man’s garage measures over 24cm (9") high, 12cm (4") wide and 4cm (1") deep.
  • Spider-Man’s motorbike measures over 5cm (1") high, 9cm (3") long and under 2cm (1") wide.
  • Hulk's laboratory measures over 10cm (4") high, 6cm (2") wide and 5cm (1") deep.


  • Item: 10876
  • Ages: 2-5
  • Pieces: 38

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