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  • LEGO Minifigure Hair - Black Combed sideways

LEGO Minifigure Hair - Black Combed sideways

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If you had to make a list of all the ways that people tend to stand out from one another, the way they choose to style their hair is usually right at the top - second to perhaps only the clothes they put on each day. Until now, your LEGO® minifigures probably looked the same in this field, even if they did have all sorts of fanciful outfits to call their own. This doesn't have to be a point of contention anymore, thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World! This LEGO® Minifigure Hair - Reddish Brown is the perfect option for any LEGO® minifigure that needs to look a little more sleek or sophisticated than normal and can be clipped onto any figure in your collection in seconds.

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