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  • LEGO Minifigure Hair - Light Bluish Grey

LEGO Minifigure Hair - Light Bluish Grey

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Changing your hair in the real world requires a certain amount of effort that most people aren't willing to put forth. Sure, you could change the direction of your part or even slick it back if you're feeling fancy, but what if you wanted to change your hair's colour to a light bluish grey? It would involve a trip to the hairdressers and several hours of your time, no doubt. That is one area where your LEGO® minifigures have you beat because thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World, they can now enjoy this LEGO® Minifigure Hair - Light Bluish Grey in a matter of seconds! Just clip it right onto the top of any minifigure in your collection and they're ready to go!

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