Anyone who has ever said that LEGO® sets are only for creating breathtaking, futuristic worlds of pure imagination has obviously never seen any of the items in the incredible LEGO® Historical line! Thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World, you can now turn your LEGO® adventures into a true blast from the past with items like the LEGO® Pharaoh's Quest. Go forward or backward in time with LEGO® thanks to the high quality products that the company puts out and Bricks to the World!

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LEGO Catapult
Take Aim at the enemy! This fantastic catapult complete with horse facade will evade all enem..
Ex Tax: $9.05
LEGO Cursed Cobra Statue
Grab the treasure before the giant cobra awakens! Jake Raines and Helena Skvalling race acros..
Ex Tax: $45.41
LEGO Keychain Pirate Captain
This pirate captain will protect your treasures! Arr! Captain Brickbeard is here to defend yo..
Ex Tax: $11.77
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