Take the time out to party with Unikitty!™ Recreate parts of the television series and relive fun scenes from the fun Unikitty world, or create your own adventures.
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LEGO® Unikitty!™ Party Time 41453
Party on and celebrate with Unikitty™ at the hippest, happiest party in town! Relive favorit..
Ex Tax: $36.32
LEGO® Unikitty!™ Unikingdom Creative Brick Box 41455
Build a fun and colorful Unikingdom your way, building imagination as you go! Relive favorit..
Ex Tax: $45.41
LEGO® Unikitty™! Cloud Car 41451
Take a ride in the Cloud Car with Unikitty™ and spread a little sparkle matter! Relive favor..
Ex Tax: $18.14
LEGO® Unikitty™! Collectibles Series 1 - 41775
Discover who’s inside your ‘mystery’ bag with LEGO® Unikitty™! Collectibles Series 1. Fans o..
$5.95 $4.95
Ex Tax: $4.50
LEGO® Unikitty™! Dr. Fox™ Laboratory 41454
Visit Dr. Fox’s Laboratory for adventures and experiments in sparkle dust! Relive favorite m..
Ex Tax: $45.41
LEGO® Unikitty™! Prince Puppycorn™ Trike 41452
Zoom off in search of fun and adventures with Prince Puppycorn™ and his friends. Relive favo..
Ex Tax: $18.14
LEGO® Unikitty™! Unikingdom Fairground Fun 41456
Enjoy and have fun at the fairground with Unikitty™, Prince Puppycorn™ and friends! Relive f..
Ex Tax: $63.59
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