One of the great things about LEGO® is that the playsets and other items that the company offers are always changing. Now, thanks to Bricks to the World, your children can get into the spirit of the season - regardless of which season you happen to be talking about! With the LEGO® Christmas Cat Ornament, your little ones can spread a little holiday cheer whenever they'd like! Spread a little LEGO® love to your Christmas tree and vice versa! All of these and other fine, quality LEGO® seasonal items are always available for you to take advantage of thanks to Bricks to the World!

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LEGO Christmas Snow Hut Ornament
Create a festive LEGO® scene in a bauble!   Create a pretty festive scene with the L..
Ex Tax: $18.14
LEGO Wedding Favor Set 2018 40197
Create your big day extra special with a magical wedding scene! Enhance your special day wit..
Ex Tax: $20.86
LEGO® Flower Display 40187
Give a LEGO® message to someone special with flowers! Say it the LEGO® way with these 2 buil..
Ex Tax: $15.41
LEGO® Halloween Haunt
Create Halloween fun in your LEGO® play! Celebrate the scary season with this fun Halloween H..
Ex Tax: $19.95
LEGO® Iconic Holiday Magnet
Build and display a festive LEGO® magnet! Create a winter holiday scene on this LEGO® brick ..
Ex Tax: $18.14
LEGO® Iconic Microscale LEGO Brand Store 40305
Enter the LEGO® Brand Store! Build your own business with the LEGO® Iconic 40305 Microscale ..
Ex Tax: $63.59
LEGO® Iconic Pencil Pot 40188
Place your pens and stationery in a LEGO® Pencil Pot! Create the perfect parking place for y..
Ex Tax: $29.95
LEGO® Thanksgiving Harvest
Grow your own LEGO® Thanksgiving veggies! Celebrate Thanksgiving with this fun LEGO® Thanksg..
Ex Tax: $19.95
LEGO CITY People pack – Fun at the beach
Head off to the beach with a bunch of new people! Grow your LEGO® City population with this p..
Ex Tax: $54.50
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2013
Count down to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends! Thanks to LEGO® and Bricks to the World..
$49.95 $39.96
Ex Tax: $36.33
LEGO Minifigure Birthday Set
Build big LEGO® fun into your birthday bash!   Put out the perfect party favors and..
Ex Tax: $18.14
LEGO Snowman - polybag
Get ready for the winter! Build a classic LEGO snoman with all the trimmings! • Features..
Ex Tax: $13.59
LEGO Snowman Building Set
Build a better snowman with LEGO® bricks! Create a winter wonderland that will never melt ..
Ex Tax: $8.14
LEGO Thanksgiving Turkey
Bring LEGO® fun to your Thanksgiving celebrations!   Add LEGO® fun to your holiday c..
Ex Tax: $19.95
LEGO Valentine Bear 40085
Demonstrate your love with the big-hearted Valentine bear! Show your heartfelt passion for th..
Ex Tax: $27.23
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