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One of the great things about LEGO® is that the playsets and other items that the company offers are always changing. Now, thanks to Bricks to the World, your children can get into the spirit of the season - regardless of which season you happen to be talking about! With the LEGO® Christmas Cat Ornament, your little ones can spread a little holiday cheer whenever they'd like! Spread a little LEGO® love to your Christmas tree and vice versa! All of these and other fine, quality LEGO® seasonal items are always available for you to take advantage of thanks to Bricks to the World!

LEGO® Santa Claus (polybag) 2878

LEGO® Santa Claus (polybag) 2878

LEGO SANTA CLAUS (polybag from 1997) Item: 2878 Ages: 5-12 Pieces:16   ..


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